I will do my best to keep this current with any promos, but here’s the link (codes to save right below!)

As of 3/18/22, the limited time promo (they are cutting it off after a certain amount of orders) is 30% off the ENTIRE SITE with the code: MADNESS30

You can always get 20% off with my code: smitashares

Note: A MILLION disclaimers about “weight,” words like “fat/diet,” diet culture, body image, our appearance (I value my appearance for how I appear to MYSELF), healthy lifestyle choices/changes  >>>> products, and using the stuff you already have FIRST are all on my Facebook page, but, for the sake of time, I’m not doing that right now. If you do not know my heart and my intent by now, it cannot be helped and that’s okay. 

The below 2 products – which come with a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase – are AMAZING (as in… worked for me personally and I have no idea how or if they will work for you without you trying them and that, too, using them as directed) & a great starting point (sure, you could order 12 different things but you’ll have NO IDEA WHICH THING IS WORKING).

You can click on the image for any to get there directly and there is a discounted bundled offering below; note: $9 flat rate shipping:

1) Beauty Bum Anti-Cellulite Cream – Heat activated BeautyBum® works by penetrating deep into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Once it reaches there, the active ingredients of BeautyBum® forces fatty tissues and cellulites to contract and release lipid particles into the bloodstream. With the regular use of this lotion these tissues shrink significantly and leaves your skin smoother, slimmer and healthier.

When you buy it non-bundled/a la carte, you can select any scent): $39.99. Note: It is very normal to have your turn skin red and feel hot to the touch; as with any new skin product, do a test spot first. Can be used on your abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs. 

2) Onyx Fat Burner – $39.99 (Note: 1 capsule has 100 mg of caffeine, and a serving is 2 capsules – START WITH ONE!! – and, although they say you can take a maximum of 4 capsules/day, unless you have a very high caffeine tolerance, I highly don’t recommend doing that); even if take caffeine regularly, still don’t start with 2 because it is a new-to-you product and you should always ease your way in 

  • Maximize Fat Burning
  • Reduce Stubborn Body Fat
  • Elevate Metabolic Rate
  • Decrease Appetite
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Improve Recovery
  • Heighten Mental Focus

3) Cardio Stack BUNDLE! Versus $78.99 for both a la carte, $72.99 (with the current 30% off $51.10 plus tax)

Once you’ve placed an order, feel free to message me on Facebook and I can help support you to have to the best possible experience with the product(s)

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