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Now, all the DISCLAIMERS: Please take the title of this blog with a grain of salt. This is about doing the most to possibly reduce the RISK of getting COVID seeing as one could do every single thing I (ANECDOTALLY) mention and still get COVID. Athletes, personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and otherwise young and healthy people get COVID. So do health professionals with the very best PPE and insight into preventative measures. I am just reporting back on things that – following my own experience with COVID reading about and learning from other experiences – MAY help.

As with all things, no single approach works for anyone for any one thing so this post is absolutely not a guarantee as a million factors impact someone getting sick with anything (their genetics, life circumstances/stressors, who/what they are exposed to, pre-existing conditions, their baseline immunity, and so much more) and some of it (a lot/most) is just completely random luck as some people who did the MOST still go it.

So do you ignore what I’m about to share? Maybe. I’m honestly just sharing because of what I BELIEVE as I am not – as an individual – able to offer any clinical data to the efficacy of anything I share. Similarly, I can’t speak to how any recommendation would impact you (for example, a supplement interacting with someone’s prescription medicine or another supplement), so please do your own due diligence and, just like every health program/book/advisor says, “please speak with your doctor before beginning anything.”

Also, what I am sharing may evolve as I learn new things. On that note, I am also sharing because I believe that I could have been doing more in the way of prevention/reducing risk (I got COVID in November 2020 – so the first variant & this is videoshare on how I got it – and I naively thought that my normal lifestyle + a simple cloth mask was enough) and, although I was doing a few things that I believe helped me (as my actual COVID experience was a big nothing and my “long haul/long COVID” effect was seemingly less  than most in the groups from which I collected this information), I do believe I could have been doing more, so this blog is about that.

Also, I’m a little mad – including at myself for thinking that what I was doing was enough – that these anecdotal things (many with data/scientific reasoning to support them) are not being emphasized alongside using masks considering that masks are not 100% effective and there is so much more at play re: whether someone gets COVID or not.

One last thing, re: my “Long Haul/Long COVID” experience which I am now, thankfully, 99.9% on the other side of (I wrote this in January of 2021 when I was still living through complete hell and updated it in August 2022 when I feel the best I have ever felt)… I am going to be sharing several separate blogs about that. There is so much that I wish I knew in hindsight, so my intent in sharing this is to possibly help people reduce their experience of the badness of COVID and its aftermath as I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Okay, now that we got the disclaimers done, let’s begin…

What you first must know: COVID IS NOT THE FLU!!!! People harp on the survival rate as if the only outcome of getting COVID (at the time I started writing this, 1 in 16 Americans were being diagnosed) is death and then extra stupidly think “it only impacts the elderly/those with pre-existing conditions.” BIG NOPES. It impacts EVERYONE. Plentiful young and healthy people have lost their lives to it (click here, here, and here to be thoroughly depressed, or, I dunno, just believe me), and I am AWE OF AND DUMBFOUNDED by how so many people are acting as if losing ANYONE – elderly, pre-existing condition, or perfectly healthy – who was not going to die otherwise is no big deal.

Furthermore, up to 30% (my neurologist – that’s a spoiler alert right there and I’m 42 years old if you’re wondering – said up to 80% :-() suffer lingering/long-term/(presently unknown but possibly) permanent impacts of COVID as it can ravage the entire body’s organs and systems and result in MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome); whether COVID causes MCAS or just looks like it for a bunch of people who endure COVID is beyond my level of knowledge but see here for more). Or just join any of the COVID groups at the bottom of this blog and scroll through the posts (or just Google “Long Haulers” or “Long COVID” or COVID long-term effects), and you will see that there is not a single (seemingly random to you at present) symptom that is NOT listed. Interesting reads: Studies Show Long Haul COVID-19 afflicts 1 in 4 COVID-19 Patients Regardless of Severity & “Most COVID-19 ‘Long Haulers’ Continue to Experience Symptoms 15 Months After Initial Infection

Regarding some symptoms experienced, these are just some off the top of my head (my personal experience will be in the long hauling blog) that people are experiencing anywhere from 2 weeks to ONE YEAR after COVID (people 100% had this in December if not months earlier; my cardiologist said he believes it was here as early as August): tachycardia (racing heart), shortness of breath/ongoing low oxygen, fatigue, brain fog, nervous system/cognitive issues (comparable to dementia), new onset diabetes, impaired vision/taste/smell/proprioception/hearing, (new-to-them) mental health issues (anxiety, depression, & more), physical impairment/debilitation, hair loss/hair texture changes, skin changes, loss of TEETH (straight up falling out of people’s mouths), ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (this really needed to be emphasized back in 2020/2021; link from Cleveland Clinic), fertility issues, neuropathy, digestive issues, strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, blood clots in the brain/lungs, stroke, heart attack, and SO. MUCH. MORE. (More info We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus & The Great Invader: How COVID Attacks Every Organ)

  • If you need visual proof of the long-term impacts of COVID… the first 2 pictures are snapshots from live videos I did in August and November – in the same lighting albeit different times of the day- and both with no face/skin makeup as with the third), but my hair, skin, and nails all changed drastically and I felt as if I had aged 20 years. 

#SorryNOTSORRY if all of the above scares you because it SHOULD. Everyone should have been infinitely more scared than we were because we naively believed that the 2 outcomes were: survive or die from COVID (why so many people were a-okay with the latter will forever be beyond me).

Note: I love the COVID-related groups as they have provided me so much value/emo support and I truly wish I knew about them earlier, but being in them also (hyper-empathy plus imagining every worst outcome possible) became depressing as all get out, so I had to unfollow and only go to them when I need information or am in the mind space where I can (in a healthy way and not to my own detriment) scroll and offer my own insight/experiences.

Back to the aforementioned list of badness… The molecular structure of COVID’s spike protein can – as a result of the “cytokine storm” and the body’s excessive immune response end up causing damage to the brain, heart, lungs, organs at large which include your gut, muscles, bones, blood vessels, and more.

One compelling quote on the above by Dr. Richard Horowitz: “I saw that the inflammatory molecules that are released when people are exposed to COVID are exactly the same inflammatory molecules that are released when you’re exposed to Lyme,” he says. “There’s a cytokine storm that happens, which is like a fire in the body, a huge inflammatory reaction that can affect all the organs. And we know that with COVID, it’s not the virus itself that’s killing people. It’s this overstimulated immune response with all the inflammation. When I saw that the cytokines in COVID were the same molecules in Lyme, I thought, well, we already know how to lower these cytokines.” (Cytokines are molecular messengers between cells. Inflammatory cytokines are molecular messengers that can increase the inflammatory response.)

Will everyone experience what I described above? No, but, this is the truthiest truth… Anyone who tests positive for COVID who was symptomatic now has a pre-existing condition, and the medical world will not be able to make correlative/causative statements about the long-term impact for a long time (for example, blood clots in the brain were determined in people who died of COVID after AUTOPSY). In other words, let’s say the child/teenager/< 30s person – or anyone of any age including yours truly – who had COVID experiences ANYTHING in the future related to their health, will never know what, if any, impact COVID had.

Honestly, I have had to block that thought out of my mind in order to not spiral (& trust me, I had my spiral moments when it seems like how I felt would be my forever state) into depression and paralysis. &, now, because I am feeling anywhere from 70-95% myself (while honoring how deeply so many are still suffering), I’m just telling myself that all is okay/will be okay even though I will never really know how COVID changed the course of my life as it relates to my health while I continue to throw fragranced glitter paint on a pile of poo and try to derive “higher purpose” in my own suffering by doing this share (sharing in hope for the good of others is the way I reconcile most of my life’s most trying times).

ANYHOO, I am #sorrynotsorry for going on about above, but THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of “avoiding getting COVID” is believing it is very REAL, knowing the possible consequences beyond death, and THEN acting accordingly to do the most to reduce your risk of getting it.

On that note… let’s start with the obvious.

WEAR A KN95 mask when indoors whenever possible (I do NOT wear one all the time as I have resumed indoor dining and living my life as I think most have). Any of these are great options:

Okay, now my actual recommendations. Again, these are all anecdotal and presumptive and someone else might say completely otherwise.

Supplementation – If you don’t believe in supplements and get everything you need through nutrition alone, AMAZING, awesome (truly, no snark), and please feel free to skip past this part; while I absolutely believe that what we get in our food intake is the crux of all things health-related, I also personally believe that supplements have helped me tremendously in my recovery and I was a believer in many of them already pre-COVID. I was, however (ALAS), NOT taking all of these consistently pre-COVID; I took Vit D and Zinc sporadically although my mom was actually taking them religiously and fared far better than I did after COVID/really did so well considering her pre-existing conditions (there could be zero correlation to anything re: supplements as she simply could have gotten less of a viral load than I did, her body was predisposed genetically to fare better, and/or we could have gotten a less severe strain of COVID than someone else – but I believe that the below plus what we did during COVID helped spare my mom from serious disease), so you do you. &, to reiterate from above, please consult with your healthcare provider before beginning anything new.


1) I am making recommendations in links and you buying from those links (ideally from your desktop) does support me financially – I’m talking a few cents per purchase – so, while I hope that you will click through these links to add through your cart or, even better, order on a desktop as a small cosmic “keep COVID away thank you” for my taking the time and effort to do this share (note: it was a LOT of effort with #COVIDbrainfog and the whole of COVID kept me unable to make an income for 10 months). Also, there will be plentiful options at places like Costco and Walmart (I cannot offer alternatives), but I just prefer Amazon for ease.

2) Please do not get caught up in obsessing over which brand/formulation or even taking all of these (again, you doing everything I mention below is still not a guarantee that you won’t get COVID). Get what you can afford and go with it, and only get what you think you’ll actually consume. If taking all of these adds more stress to your life (financially or otherwise), they are not worth it.

3) Again, consult with your physicians before beginning ANYTHING and do your own due diligence to see what things would not be recommended to take based on your pre-existing conditions/current medications and supplements.

4) Prices on supplements subject to constant change, & I will not be able to keep up with updating them.

Note: I will try to update this list with the best ways/times to take each, but – keeping in mind that even writing all of this as I feel at present is hard for me – please do not wait on that info as it is all available via a quick Google search.

  • Vitamin D (not needed if getting daily sun exposure)- Here is why Vitamin D is important to your immune system. You can take up to 4,000 IU with doctor supervision (again, checking out safety on anything is on you): NatureWise 5000 IU one year supply, Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) + K2 (Vit K helps with the regulation of calcium)
  • Vitamin C (if not consuming enough Vitamin C-containing fruits & veggies) – Although I think most of us have internalized Vitamin C (a water-soluble vitamin so okay in higher doses as extra gets excreted in our urine) as having some impact on our immunity, here’s the why on “why Vitamin C?”.   Supplement recommendations: Nature’s Bounty; 500 mg ($9.69), Nature’s Bounty, 1000 mg with Rose Hips ($7.68), Costlier options: Solaray’s Timed Release 1000 mg Vitamin C w/ Rose Hips ($28.49) or Liposomal Vitamin C ($18.99) OR the super fancy 2-month supply of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C ($79.90)
  • Zinc – Here’s the why on Zinc as it relates to our immunity. 30-50 mg elemental Zinc
    • NOTE: If you want an “all-in-one” kind of product on the above, here is something to consider: 7-in-1 Immune Support Booster; if you want to do D & Zinc separate and get C, Elderberry & Reishi Mushrooms in an all-in-one, here is another one: Immunoshield. Finally, Vivanaturals Brand has 5000 IU Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, & Ginger.
      • Other note: Per an integrative medicine friend, you do not want to take Elderberry or Echinacea once you are sick.
  • Melatonin – “People who take melatonin are nearly 28% less likely to test positive for COVID.  The difference is even more significant for African Americans – the study said, ‘Importantly, melatonin usage is associated with a 52% reduced likelihood of a positive laboratory test result for SARS-CoV-2 in African Americans.'” Source
    • Natrol, 3 mg: $8.99
    • Natrol 5 mg fast dissolve: $11.99, Amazon’s Choice
      • Note: I know absolutely nothing about the long-term use of melatonin so please look into that.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics – Read this by the NIH as to why our gut health is so critical to our immunity, and then get yourself some probiotics. There are so many brands available everywhere, but I’m recommending things I like/use or have seen broadly recommended, but, first, 2 things to note: 1) You want to get something that is encapsulated and can survive your stomach acid to actually make it to where it needs to go, & 2) You want something with as many strains of good bacteria and as high of a good bacteria count.
  • Collagen – I believe that people should be taking this (compounded by an anti-inflammatory diet that supports this) to both help with leaky gut syndrome (leaky gut syndrome can lead to autoimmune disease and, although no correlation has been made, a HUGE amount of what people are experiencing in the wake of COVID resembles autoimmune illnesses or triggers autoimmune illnesses like Guillain-Barre syndrome). I say this because research suggests that COVID crosses the blood-brain barrier which “prevents harmful compounds from entering the brain while allowing helpful nutrients in and cellular debris out (2 disturbing reads: New Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier and SARS-COV-2 Spike Proteins Disrupt the Blood-Brain Barrier, Potentially Raising Risk of Neurological Damage in COVID-19 patients). This causes inflammation in the brain and symptoms such as depression, brain fog, memory loss, and other brain-based symptoms and disorders.” (Source), and there ARE things that you can use to improve the health of your BBB. I put a * next to the supplements that help with BBB health but they also, in my opinion, help with overall health & wellness. Please also note: your body will be processing all kinds of toxins (medications) while you are sick so why not keep all your “barriers” and cells as “tight” as possible? (that may not even be a thing, but I’m going with it!)
    • If you understandably cannot afford the fancy collagen I will present as the final option, it is OKAY. If I did not work for the company and didn’t get free product credits I, too, could not personally afford it! Some people, however, can and, instead of being mad/resentful about that, make the best of what is possible for you.
      • Option 1SR’s Collagen Peptides ($26.06)
      • Option 2: Vital Proteins ($42.48, 20 oz)
      • Option 3 (This is the fancy/pricey option. I have been using this brand going on 4 years now – I was NOT using it back in November 2020 – and am always complimented on my skin when people respond in shock that I am 41 years old; the formulations include Liquid Biocell, Hyaluronic Acid, and plentiful antioxidants. Reasons why this liquid formulation makes a difference are here. A dose is 2 tablespoons per day so you would need 2 bottles per month. Please look at the benefits of each by clicking on the fact sheets. Biocell Life (has resveratrol which is a potent anti-inflammatory), Biocell Skin, Biocell Sport (great for joints), & Biocell Pure (keto-friendly, no added antioxidants). You will get $10 off your first order with any of those links and you can email me at collagencrack[at]gmail or on Facebook. Your messages will go to my “other” folder, so please start your message with #collagencrack as I expect to get lots of messages after this share.
    • Note: Vanity-wise (the least important of all things, but, trust me, when you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror, it impacts you in a profound way), I would take collagen both from a preventative perspective considering that our levels of collagen in our body begin declining at around age 25; I definitely fell off of it in fall of 2020 when I got COVID, and I truly feel like I aged 20 years. I am, of course, now taking the Biocell products above (specifically the SKIN formula) at higher doses and, as of my most recent update to this blog, I have seen huge improvements in my hair, skin, & nails.
  • Curcumin (you do not need supplementation and can get benefits from using turmeric in your food or how my dad takes it) Read here to learn more about the benefits of curcumin as it relates to your immune health. Bioavailability is very important when it comes to curcumin.
  • For these next 3, please see this article; if you can only take one, then just take the first one.
    • In the article Dr. Horowitz recommends “600 mg of NAC two to three times a day; 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid once or twice a day (the higher dose can cause reactive hypoglycemia in sensitive individuals); and 250 to 500 mg of glutathione twice a day—as a preventive measure against COVID-19”
    • NAC (N-acetylcysteine) – Why? (I was not taking this during my acute COVID and so wish I had known about it then or at least immediately after)
    • Glutathione – See here and here for more info about the importance of glutathione
      • Jarrow’s (what I am taking now) – $34.18
      • NOW (this has milk thistle & 50 mg of alpha lipoic acid in it) – $20.87
      • Welluxa (liposomal glutathione) – $34.97
    • Alpha-Lipoic Acid – See here and here for more info about the important of ALA.

** Awesome VITAMIN HOLDER to organize the above! – $9.99 and definitely helped me, after I learned I was experiencing “Long COVID,” take things religiously **


Disclaimer: I am not someone who can preach about “eating healthy” as I did not eat healthy most of my life (I had the palate of an 8-year-old child/14-year-old linebacker and have been a lifelong emotional eater), but I DO believe that certain things I was already doing in preparation to pursue being a single mom by choice helped me (I was doing a complete sugar detox and had eliminated most processed foods), and I LOGICALLY KNOW that what we eat impacts our overall health and well-being. & I know this the most because I see it demonstrated by my dad who – in spite of being in close proximity to me and my mom for 4 days before we showed symptoms did not get COVID in spite of being 77 years old, having diabetes (genetic predisposition as he is one of the healthiest people I know), and being a stroke survivor. Since the time of this edit, he has had direct COVID exposure 5 times and I believe how he eats and his yoga practice (which we will be sharing more about on our page have helped to protect him)

Side note: My dad and I will be hosting webinars (with a suggested – so not mandatory – donation towards my fundraising efforts) about his lifestyle and what we believe is doing the MOST not just to reduce the risk of getting COVID but staying as healthy as possible for the sum total of your life. If interested, please find me on Facebook (preferred way to connect). Since your message will go in my “other folder,” please use this hashtag at the start of your message: #daddymoonwellness OR feel free to email daddymoonwellness(at)gmail[dot]com

Live your best life – which means enjoying food – but aim for this as much as you can while knowing that fast food, processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten and a whole slew of other things increase inflammation and reduce our body’s ability to fight off infection, and try to include as many functional foods as possible including fruits, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates/fats/protein. I will just let you Google anti-inflammatory/pro-immunity/anti-histamine diets, because I have, like 4 more blogs to write.

Disclaimer on the above: I saw a bunch of people get very upset at the suggestion of correlation/causation between getting COVID/experiencing long hauler symptoms, so – as stated above – ANYONE CAN GET COVID no matter their baseline health status and lifestyle. That is how absolutely random (&, accordingly, scary) this virus is but a healthy lifestyle can only HELP and not hurt (not just for preventing COVID/minimizing post-COVID impact for your actual health & wellness), and I’d ask those people who got sick irrespective of being “perfect/doing everything right” and taking every precaution to not get COVID to consider how much worse it could have been had you not been doing all of those things.


Hydration is one of those things that we all know is so important for so many reasons, but yet is still something so many of us don’t do to the levels required for our health (75% of Americans are dehydrated). Not only is being hydrated important for the function of every cell in our body, there is also the belief that being sub-optimally hydrated in the weeks before contracting COVID could impact one’s risk of dying from COVID. This is a scientific article from the NIH but you can gather the key points here.

Physical Movement

Click here and here to learn more about exercise and immunity. That being said, COVID is not the time – at least not in my opinion – to kick off a new-to-you rigorous fitness routine. Often, such efforts can actually put a strain on your immune system, so I would consider a bare minimum JUST MOVE YOUR BODY (for 10-30 minutes per day) approach. That may mean a brief walk, light jog, a yoga video off of YouTube or something else with the intent being increasing blood flow/relaxation/restoration and promoting “feel good” feels.

Another important thing with COVID is that it is notorious for creating blood clots in blood vessels and organs, so the blood flow thing is so important.

Teas – All anecdotal as shared in the groups that I am in

  • Dandelion tea – Read here for more background info.
  • Green tea – Read here for more info. “While green tea isn’t a recognized cure for COVID-19, some researchers are looking into the possibility that one of its components, EGCG, can help fight off COVID-19. In one study, researchers tested how certain compounds that have shown antiviral properties will interact with COVID-19 proteins. Among the 18 compounds tested, EGCG showed the most potential as a drug treatment for the new coronavirus.”

Mental Health/Relaxation

Please Google how chronic stress impacts your immune health or read here for starters.

  • Zencrack” – This is a wellness device that I was first introduced to back in 2018 which has since had a profound positive impact on my life. I describe it as equal parts meditation, therapy, and hypnosis and it uses binaural waves/brainwave entrainment to make deep impressions on your subconscious. Every aspect of my life has been impacted (my health & wellness, ability to focus/organize, mood, resiliency, and more). Get a 45-day trial ($45 value) to the audio sessions here (the headset is separate and, in my opinion, a huge part of the immersive experience), and you can find all of the science and my brain “before and afters” here and please feel free to contact me on Facebook for more info or feel free to email me at zencrackwellness(at)gmail[dot]com.
  • I also used this massager (my family has purchased 4; two between our households and 2 for gifts): nearly daily for 15-30 minutes; as someone who has had chronic neck and back pain since a car accident in 2004, this has been a life-changer for me personally. It was $70 when we purchased it and far more affordable now. Do not use if you have a fever.

Heat Therapy

This is going to sound wonky to some, but basicallyyyyy (again, Google “heat therapy & COVID or see here for starters) putting your body into a hyperthermic state can possibly help fight infection just as our body’s natural response to viruses – a fever – can do the same. I mention this because my dad used my brother & SIL’s at-home sauna daily (plus he lives a nearly perfectly healthy lifestyle including daily exercises, lots of curcumin, anti-inflammatory foods, greens, beans, nuts, teas, and more) and he was with me and my mom for 4 days and DID NOT GET COVID.

Air Circulation

COVID is spread in 2 ways: 1) Large droplets have virus in them (for example, someone talking to you which is why we wear masks) 2) Tiny little particles that become airborne and suspended in the air, which is why it is so important to turn the air over to promote air exchange. You absolutely can get fancy home/office filtration devices like the below OR you can just open your windows/doors as comfortable and as you feel appropriate.


Please visit my next blog, to learn about some things that you may consider having on hand in case you or someone in your household gets COVID.

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A few final things:

  1. If you are not the kind of person to doom scroll or obsess but want to see the experiences of those who are newly diagnosed or living through #longcovid/#longhaulers, then check out the following Facebook groups (sharing in order of my favorites): Coronavirus Experience and Recovery, Survivor Corps, Long Hauler Advocacy Project
  2. Other blogs I wrote on the topic:,, 
  3. In addition to making a donation if you are able, please kindly consider sharing my #videoshare on Facebook or these blogs for the benefit of others. The more people we spare from getting COVID or suffering the worst should they get it/after getting it, the better it is for all of us, because – as I truly believe – “what happens to one of us happens to all of us.”

Thanks for taking the time to read and be and stay well,




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