August 4, 2007 – Wedding Speech for Broisha (ignore my worse than normal grammar; this was written the way I wanted to say it and never with the intention that anyone would ever read it).

“Hi everyone, just in case this gets lengthy, I’d like to apologize in advance; the thing is that I’ve had this speech running through my head ever since R & M started dating. My Ram-like brother has finally met his Sita & I couldn’t be any happier.

Please don’t mind me for going on about R; my brother, who I warmly like to call, the Bro, is humble to a fault & I finally get to sing his praises.  Whether you’ve known R for a lifetime or are just getting to know him, it’s clear that there is something unique about him – he has a genuine kindness, unlike anyone you’ve ever met.  R is the son, brother, friend, colleague, doctor & even one-time acquaintance, who makes every person that comes into his life feel important… Unlike so many others who act this way with a purpose, R is this way because he is simply a really nice guy.  Now I’m the extremely lucky sister because R was born this way & I got to reap all the benefits – I love reminiscing about our childhood & my unique big-brother experience because R never beat me up or tormented me – minus a few mind games here or there – instead he held my hand & let me tag along for the ride.  Sure I’m a big wimp because of it, but it’s all good!  I know a few of you might be curious about those mind games – let’s just say that during our Star Trek phase R managed to have me clean up his room many times at Mach 10 speed. You’d think I would’ve learned after the first time!  There are other stories but they’re really just embarrassing for me.  Thankfully, I can also tell you stories of hero-Toddler R rescuing me from a fire or my incredibly thoughtful grown-up “Bro” who sends flowers to his sister on Valentine’s day 🙂

I always joke about the “complex” I’ve developed being R’s Lil’ sister… at family friend parties, aunties would come up to me asking “R beta kesa hai? Aye Hai, R, R!” & I’m standing there smiling & thinking “Auntie, what about meeee””  the best is when I’d go somewhere in DC & randomly meet a colleague of R’s from GW, “Omigod, YOU’RE R’s sister?! (big hug!) I love R!  he’s the best!  he did this & that…!” there I am thinking “nice meeting you too.”  🙂 Being R’s sister is seriously one of my life’s greatest accomplishments – one that I couldn’t be more proud of.  & all joking aside, there is no complex only gratefulness; R, you have been so many things to me all these years… a mentor, guidance counsellor, tutor, tech support, doctor-on-call, bank, bully-defender, hero, & the best friend & brother a girl could ever ask for.

Now that’s R for you, but the star of my story is M, who is the perfect complement to my ideal brother.  Fate brought these 2 together; in fact, I knew of M well before R ever did.  My best friend & I were at a family friend’s wedding & we saw this gorgeous girl (one of the bride’s friends) in this super hot outfit dancing up a storm.  She had an energy about her & I wanted to get a picture of her dress, but in fear of getting taken out by one of her fabulous bhangra moves, rather than introducing myself to her, I pretended to take pictures of my bestie but really took a few of M. Basically, it was love at first sight. A year or so later, the bride of that wedding recommended to my best friend that R should meet M, but the two of them randomly met on their own & it’s all history since then.  I knew M was a keeper because R has always been a feel-good, happy guy, but my goodness, I was seeing a completely different kind of happy; the edges of that classic R smile turned up a lil’ more & his belly laughs got a lil’ louder.   My selfishly favourite thing about M is that – from sharing clothes to advise on boys – she is just like the big (but little) sister I’ve always wanted. M, I can’t thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought to my brother’s life & that I know you will continue to bring for many years to him & our family.

In this Ram-Sita-like story, I plan on being your Lakshman & Hanuman – I’m here at your service and will forever hold you both lovingly in my heart.  So, to R & M or as I prefer to call them – BRO-ISHA, Congratulations & I wish you all the best.”

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