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So… about me…?

Hi, this is me (in a rare put together look)

Hmm. Now that you have a face to my name, I guess I will share why it is that you are reading this today. Whether it is (was, as this is not a particular interest of mine anymore) South Asian Dating, social issues, “controversial” topics, and everything in between, I am someone who has never been able to NOT speak my mind. Read: it is basically an affliction. You know the thing that everyone is thinking or feeling but feels afraid/hesitant/nervous/awkward to say out loud? Well, I will always say it, & I suppose this is – if I am allowed to say so myself – revolutionary (while also being deeply offensive and loathed) for being a South Asian woman in particular.

I say that because women, in general, are expected to be pleasing and agreeable and our being (perceived as) antagonistic, “contentious,” or having any disapproval or (horrors) rage is dismissed and not tolerated, so… next level that times one hundred as a South Asian woman born to immigrant parents in 1979.

I have had quite a journey during this thing called life – and continue to – and, at my heart, I am someone who loves to share what I love (particularly positive experiences and things that have made my life better) while, every now and then, how I feel about various topics. I have been writing since as long as I can remember, but I am uncertain what warrants me being able to call myself a writer (I mean, is it a published book? Is it a bazillion likes and a fan following? Validation from another writer?). I do, however, know that *real writers* – like the ones who reached out to me with unsolicited advice when my first blog was blowing up – feel that I could be an “even better writer” if I “just used fewer side thoughts” (parentheses and dashes are LIFE because I, legit, think and speak in real life this way), better grammar, fewer run-on sentences, and less made up words. Noted, but, with all due respect, I also completely do not care.

I have never written to be validated by anyone or for the praise of the masses; at the end of the day, my first blog got me as much scorn as praise, but, hey, people were reading and talking about it, and making people think – ideally, challenging their thinking with a (perhaps naive) hope of helping to evolve thinking/beliefs/behavior/outcomes – is what I am all about.

As long as I can remember, I have been the kind of person who can’t just stay quiet when I see something wrong (or even really right) happening, and I have always believed that sometimes – even when it is socially unacceptable, likely to get you ostracized, or have negative consequences (as I was often advised writing Blog 1.0 would – i.e. – “No one will date you. Ever.) – you have to do what feels right and that you should never stop trying to make a difference even if you are going at it alone.

Nothing taught me that lesson more than “the events of 2012” (see About), and I will share more about what transpired and the aftermath as we get to know one another.

Other than that, I am a pretty simple person. I love to be a goofball and am a comedienne in my own mind. I have spoken publicly on various occasions and aspire to be a (legit) public speaker; one of my life’s bucket list goals is to do a Ted Talk one day. I am an extrovert-turned-introvert-turned-ambivert (more on that later, I am sure). I wear my heart on my sleeve and am known to cry over #allthethings (happy things, sad things, & other things). I LOVE love and children and – although I have no desire to be in a relationship or procreate at present writing, &, yes, I do know my “biological clock is ticking” – could not be bothered to care. I am overly attached in a totes dysfunctional and co-dependent way to my parents, and I am a doting aunt (my nephew and niece call me “Bhua” which means “dad’s sister” in Hindi) to the loves of my life.

That is me in a nutshell, and I look forward to sharing more of myself and what I love with all of you.

Thank you for stopping by,

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