Hey all, this post will be brief. If you haven’t heard of/aren’t familiar with blue light, you need to be ASAP. The deal is that the only source of blue light used to be the sun, but now it is all around you, legit, everywhere (think every single thing that has a screen in your life) and includes LED/fluorescent lighting.

Per Bluetechlenses.com, “(Blue light) can cause eye strain, physical and mental fatigue and headaches if you use your electronic devices or sit in front of a computer all day. Our eyes have not evolved to provide filters against this type of artificial light. Prolonged exposure to blue light may lead to macular cellular damage, which may lead to loss of vision.

The medical profession is concerned about exposure level of blue light for adults and children. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 43% of adults have a job that requires prolonged use of a tablet or computer
  • 74% of teens between the ages of 12 to 17 use electronic devices at least occasionally
  • 70% of adults that regularly use electronic devices report symptoms of digital eye strain
  • 93% of teens have access to or have a computer.”

I kid you not, but – during my life’s most trying times back in 2012 – I remember all of this stuff becoming public about my case (due to my will and choosing to expose my ex and those who were protecting/enabling him), but I still wasn’t prepared for the response that it would generate, so there was one day that I was on my phone for maybe 6 hours in a row just laying in bed, and, all of a sudden, I could no longer see. Not like I was blind, but I couldn’t focus my eyes at all. They hurt and everything was blurry (beyond distance which is what my natural eye sitchu is); I mean, I couldn’t see right ahead of me, and I recall telling my friend in a panic that I had done something to my eyes. Of course, I had; I had strained them with a tremendous amount of unfiltered blue light.

Not only can blue light be harmful to one’s eyes, at night, it can also suppress the secretion of melatonin and disturb our circadian rhythms (perhaps you’re inability to sleep isn’t that you’re “getting old” or some deep, dark underlying health issue but just that you stare at your phone for hours all day and well into the night right until you go to bed).

Some easy ways to help combat blue light include:

  • Reduce time on gadgets as and when possible.
  • Turn apps (like Twitter & Facebook) to “Dark Mode.” (Google to see if you the apps you spend a lot of time on offer this feature).
  • Take breaks and blink your eyes on purpose while working.

K, on that note, you know me: I’m always gonna be as real as reals can be and present all the options. The first is what I personally bought from Amazon and have liked/has worked just fine, but – at the bottom – I’m sharing what I’ve been using ever since I got them. Click on title or images to get to where you want to go.

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Average 4.5-star reviews (of over 1400 reviews); $21.95

For added affordability – you know, perhaps one for you & your boo:

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking GlassesAverage 4.5-star reviews (of over 160 reviews); $20.99 (extra 5% off coupon at time of writing on 8/16/19)

One more 2-pack option:

K KENZHOU Blue Light Blocking GlassesAverage 4.5-star reviews (of over 344 reviews); $19.99 (extra 5% off coupon at time of writing on 8/16/19)

WIDER OPTION: Reading Glasses (Can get 0.0 prescription) With Anti-Blue Light, $26.99 (presently 10% off coupon, 4.5 star average review, free returns) 

KIDS OPTIONS (so important!)

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Blue & Red, flexible, bendable, and unbreakable. 5 star review average (of over 113 reviews). 1 pair for $13.55

Kids Blue Light (ages 3-12); includes a strap option of younger kids (just click through):

K, now what I’ve been using for the past few weeks instead of the very first option (the ones on the left). These feel amazing on my face, and they are CUTE AF. Of course, for being a more fashion-oriented brand, they cost more, but I believe them to be well worth it because I find myself actually going to where them more intuitively. They are presently available for a limited-time intro offer of $39 and will soon be $79. If you are interested, please just email Candace at hellopinklemonadelove@gmail.com

Alrighty, that’s all from me. Protect your peepers, peeps!

Enjoy and, until next time,







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