This will be a brief post, but – over the years – I have been asked “how my teeth are so white” by a plentiful amount of people. Humbly, for someone who went through a major Diet Coke (I know, I know) phase and loves coffee and tea, my teeth are very white, and the simple reason is STRAWS (staining happens but in the back of my teeth). The below is a no filter pic.

Back in 2011, I bought my first set of glass straws (I was a trailblazer in the reusable straw use!) for a whopping $26 for FOUR. Prices have come down considerably, so I wanted to share!

I personally prefer glass straws, but they are (obvs) more fragile and require more delicate handling. That being said, I use steel straws as well. Yes, #ALLTHESTRAWS!

Glass option: ($12):

Steel option: ($12):

Enjoy and, until next time,






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