This post was first written in May & shared with folks in South Carolina (when I visited my bestie for 6 weeks and was working remotely from #allthecoffeeshops) who kept asking me about my desk. This post was then edited in September after sharing to my entire network so the items – including the amazing umbrella light and my fave citronella candles – from the featured photo have been all been added below!

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m writing this post with a quickness, because – in the past week, while working from a cafe in Orangeburg, SC – 6 people have come up to me asking me about my portable laptop desk stand that I bought in 2017.

Of all the things that I have ever purchased (SO. MANY. THINGS.) this is one of my absolute favorite and most used. To me, the benefits were just intuitive – knowing that the average American adult sits 6.5 hours per day – but I was pleased to know the following summarized from this Healthline article.

  1. Standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity.
  2. Using a standing desk may lower blood sugar levels.
  3. Standing may lower risk of heart disease.
  4. Standing desks appear to reduce back pain.
  5. Standing desks help improve mood and energy levels.
  6. Standing desks may improve productivity.
  7. Standing more may help you live longer.

While I can’t speak to #7, I have absolutely experienced #s 1-6, and I have been so thrilled with my experience of my standing desk that I have traveled with it in my suitcase for extended travel and always roll with it in my car – whether it is heading to Broisha’s place or South Carolina. I, legit, don’t know how to work sitting down anymore; it just feels so awkward to me. So much so that this reflection and post are inspiring me to buy a second desk stand just so that I don’t have to fold up the one I use at my home office. We’ll see. I may be being extra which is highly likely and having 2 desk stands really doesn’t align with my de-cluttering/aspiring towards minimalism (where I can, within reason) life plan.

Anywho, the two that I recommend and that friends of mine have purchased (the original model that I purchased has since been retired, so these are new and better-made iterations of the same design) is right below, and I have also included links to some other popular designs.

My ask to anyone reading this who may feel so inclined to get a desk stand is to please kindly click on the link below, so that I may be able to share more things that I love in an effort to help make all of our (collective) lives better.


Saiji Portable Laptop Stand, $35.99

Kavalan (2 sizes, multiple colors) Portable Laptop Table, $44.99 ($39.99 for smaller size)

Additional set-up (from pic below) items right under image:

Please always keep in mind that Amazon offers a 30-day return policy on most items (review return policy for individual items before purchasing), and I highly encourage returning things that do not work for you (even if you need to pay to ship them back – although I noticed I don’t have to do that anymore with Kohls’ drop off – as that is better than collecting junk and adding to clutter).

As always, if something I shared benefits your life in some way, I would love to hear about it, but – more importantly – please share it with your friends and family in an effort to help them too. In my opinion, sharing the small things that make our lives better and “paying it forward” (whatever “it” may be) is a huge part of changing the world.

Until next time, love and light,






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